what we do

Since 1993 the company has been involved with over 200 projects, over 80 of which have been built or are now under construction; five more should commence in the next 12 months.

Our main work currently is supporting self-builders; designing, obtaining planning permission, demonstrating compliance with building regulations, preparing construction documentation and helping with project management.

Many projects we embark on have planning permission already; we assist with taking them through the remaining stages, to completion. Sometimes we are asked to assess a design for compliance with the Passivhaus standard, and often it is possible to bring them up to the standard with minimal amendement.

Much of our new-build work is with Touchwood Homes and Williams Energy Design, forming an unique integrated team achieving consistently high-performing homes, many to Passivhaus standard. Our favourite form of construction comprises engineered timber frames with cellulose fibre insulation in a 'breathable' structure. This combination of materials is very robust due to its vapour permeability and has a very low environmental impact.

We also have considerable experience of renovating and extending old buildings, in particular the Victorian building stock that makes up much of London.